Mision & Values - ISG - Solar Plant Developers

Our philosophy


Commitment to promoting sustainability, to align the growth and profitability of the company with the great challenges of society. The content and strengths of business ISG must be oriented towards sustainable goals. ISG must obtain a privileged position to be a major player in implementing the changes. Responsibility but also an opportunity. This is an innovative and necessary commitment, from the point of view of ISG.


ISG’s commitment to excellence, must take the performance of a set of outstanding practices in managing an organization and achieving results based on fundamental concepts that include: results orientation, customer focus, leadership and perseverance, processes and facts, the involvement of people, continuous improvement and innovation, mutually beneficial partnerships and social responsibility.


The customer is the most important in our business. For this reason, for ISG it is essential to have the trust of its customers and partners. Without their trust, it could not have the success it has today, and therefore an extraordinary commitment to customer service. From ISG it aims to create strong relationships with partners who share its commitment to developing solar photovoltaic industry through hard work and dedication.

Respect for the


The main value is the respect for our planet, its inhabitants, and future generations. To respect it is necessary to be aware of the situation at all times and on the activities and processes that self-develops. The commitment must be internal, trying to positivize the energy balance and reducing the ecological footprint of its products as well as improving and enhancing the efficiency of its processes.

Responsibility and


ISG should be responsible and solidarity with the great challenges facing society. economic, social and environmental responsibility as fundamental aspects, which are largely related to the sustainable commitment of the company. It is necessary to develop a special attention in the exercise of responsibility with members of the organization.